Tuesday, March 1, 2016

THIS IS ME: MARCH 01, 2016

It's been over a year since I've posted one of these "recent picture collections", and just so readers are sorta-kinda up-to-date and rest assured, I'm not dead.......YET! ;)  I haven't elaborated on it much since I hated the experience, but have definitely recovered from the "herniated spinal discs" surgery on the last day of November + first couple days of December, nearly three months ago.  

After spending February thru December, feeling like an alligator was clamped down on my right leg full-time and unhealthily popping Advil's like candy round the clock, including in the middle of the night just about every night, THAT nightmare is over and on to some better things for 2016.  Including getting back on track right here on the blog, especially since the Dean Corll/Wayne Henley movie can't be TOO much further away from its anticipated release - let's get with the program, Mr. Josh Vargas! ;)  

Had those problems not began so early and intensely for months in 02/2015, I would have already left TX and not have been hindered from my first time living in a blue state move I haven't STFU about in years.  I'll be outtie by the end of March, no MFing excuses BYE!

Some recent pictures - Don't stare too long, dummy!  You'll turn to stone! ;)

Note: The very first picture and the last 2 pictures were taken with my new Galaxy S6.  All the rest in between were taken with my old 2012ish model Android that finally croaked last week.



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