Friday, May 1, 2015


"Citizens! This is Senator-in-exile, Gall Trayvis. I bring more news the Empire doesn't want you to hear. One of the Republic's greatest peacekeepers, Jedi Master Luminara Unduli - is ALIVE! She's being imprisoned unlawfully somewhere in the Stygeon System. As citizens, we demand the Emperor produce Master Unduli and grant her a fair trial before the entire....."

This was hands down my favorite episode of Rebels season 1.  It was also the episode in which I'd start watching the episode, I'd get to the part where Kanan and Ezra reach Master Luminara's cell at the Stygeon Prime prison, and I'd pause the video and purposefully find myself something else to occupy my time.

An hour or two later, the same routine: begin "Rise Of The Old Masters", get to the part of Master Luminara's alleged appearance and pause.  Something else to do - boom, I'm outtie!

Same routine another time or two and then I was like "FUCK IT!!! GET IT OVER WITH!!!" and I've been catatonic over it ever since.  #FuckYouFiloniLOL