Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Unfortunately the rumor was untrue, looks like In A Madman's World, the Josh Vargas bio-drama of the 1973 Houston, TX case involving Dean Corll, Wayne Henley and David Brooks won't be out on/before Halloween.  

Mr. Josh Vargas, hurry that sheeit up - it's long overdue, all must see this one!

I gots PLENTY to say on the case, but one thing in particular that crossed my mind was had the Houston 5-0 not tried to sweep this case under the rug and keep it as quiet as possible (not to mention unfinished excavating of more possible and likely young victims before Henley and Brooks joined Corll), maybe parents and police everywhere would have been a lot more vigilant about kids just-so-happen to be "missing" (and several within one neighborhood) - and the John Wayne Gacy number of victims discovered in 1978 may have never happened (about the same number, approx 30), if not cut that number in half.  

Just sayin', Houston P.D.  This shit could and might happen again, and maybe right there in Houston - and could already be in progress somewhere in the country.  American "parents", start giving a fuck, thank you.

The trailer of In A Madman's World and a couple interviews with Josh Vargas:


A slideshow I'd thrown together of some rare crime scene pictures taken during the excavation of Corll's boat shed and at the beach, where other victims had been buried (1973).  On a scale of 1-10, 10 the most graphic, I'd give this set a 6-7 (the boat shed photos the most graphic).  Unfortunately the Dahmer case and studying that thoroughly has totally desensitized me, so not much is what I call "shocking" anymore.  

GIBBLER - VERY shocking.  
Corll's victim photos - not so much.