Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Had enough left over from a Xmas Amazon giftcard (before I misplaced the damn thing again LOL) for the Dean Corll/Wayne Henley/David Brooks book The Man With The Candy, one of only two books ever made on the case, published in 1974.  I was surprised it was the hardback edition and not sure if it's a reprint, but if it's an original pressing, it was kept in good condition.

I've flipped through it already and looks like a good portion of it is focused on a couple families of the young victims (Hilligeist, etc.) and told their stories of their endless searching and how the Houston PD pretty much flipped them all the bird and flat-out told them "Your son is a runaway, period.".  It's no wonder hardly anyone knows of the so-called "early 70's Houston Massacre", I'm sure the HPD has went out of their way to try and erase their incompetence and that'll never happen, especially with a movie on the case about to be released.

The book's a little over 250 pages, so this should be a fast read.


I had my previous keyboard 3ish years and needed a replacement - this one arrived with the book!