Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dean Corll/Wayne Henley/David Brooks Film

Just a few years before the infamous Chicago area crimes of John Wayne Gacy and his arrest in 1978, an almost identical but much less remembered true crime case happened in Houston, TX.  In the early 70's, teenage males and young boys started disappearing from The Heights community - most marked off by the lazy cops as "runaways".  This continued for about three years and when the police answered a call of a man who'd been shot, they discovered one of the worst accounts of serial killings that had been committed by the dead man, Dean Corll.  The person who fired the gun was a teenager named Wayne Henley - come to find out, he was an accomplice of Corll, as well as another young man, David Brooks.  

Corll had already been killing and burying a few young victims prior to when the two teenagers joined in, and those two were asked to bring their friends to Corll (promising $ for each one).  The boys were handcuffed to a board, tortured and usually strangled or shot.  The accomplices also helped in burying the victims.  When the handcuffs were on Henley one night (along with two friends), he managed to talk Dean into freeing him so he could help him out with the two friends.  Once the cuffs were off, Henley managed to get his hands on a gun, shot Corll and ultimately ended their reign of terror in a small Houston community.  There were approx 30 victims, all buried in 3 or so locations (one of them being a rented storage unit), but because Corll was active before the teens joined him, there's a possibility there were more victims that they had no idea about, or where they would be buried.  

There's been several movies based on true crime and American serial killers, but this will be the first one to cover the Corll/Henley/Brooks crimes.  And they're going all out making the film, even using some of Henley's old personal belongings, like clothes and wall posters (obtained from Henley's mother).  

This includes a couple clips of the upcoming docu-film "In A Madman's World".  I hope it'll get better distribution than the documentary The Dahmer Files - I had to rent that one from Amazon!