Sunday, June 9, 2013


The last time I attempted starting a blog in 2012, it was mostly reviews of Clone Wars episodes past and present.  As much as I LOVE Star Wars and Clone Wars, for me, it got tiring focusing on just that one favorite thing of mine.  I'm as much of a music collector and fan and would also like reviewing and writing about that as well, but what the hell would music be doing on a Clone Wars episode review blog?  So I had kind of an identity crisis and needed to regroup as far as blogging goes.

Before then, years ago, I used to do political blogging for a couple years.  When it got to the point I nearly had a nervous breakdown over all the hatred and lunacy from BOTH sides, I left all that.  And have since been affiliated with no party, stick a fork in me, I'm DONE with anything related to politics. Except for the occasional entertainment given by the Clown Car known as Bachmann, her first lady, I mean husband, and all them.  The BEYOND untreated mentally ill are hysterical to watch, but I'm sick of looking at those two as well.

And before then, in the early 2000's, Supremes websites existed, but I'd started a campaign originally on Yahoo groups and then a website, to have all the Supremes 70's LP's reissued on CD, most for the very first time on CD.  It took several years, but all the pushing and campaigning from everyone who joined on paid off.  Three boxed sets/limited edition were released and all the Supremes 70's LP's are now in my possession on CD *insert triumphant Jabba laugh*.

So if I'm going to do ANY blogging, I'm just going to be me and blog about whatever's on my mind - from music to Star Wars to my slavemaster's, FOUR heathen felines.  I also take pictures of my Star Wars findings at action figure/movie/music stores like Movie Trading Company AKA Vintage Stock.

I'll get started soon, friends feel free to stop by and comment, WHATEVAH!