Saturday, June 22, 2013

The ONLY Thing About Summer That I Look Forward To

A couple weeks ago, I'd said "you know Summer's here when rhubarb's available in the produce section" - at least in TX, it's only available fresh for a couple months during Summer, if that.  Best chopped like celery and baked with any of the red sweet berries, mostly strawberry but I've tried it with cherry and raspberry and just as good either way.  

I started growing my own last year but you can't harvest rhubarb the first year, and sometimes not even the second.  And since two or three wasn't enough, I had an area in the back yard tilled and planted a few more to get started for future use.  Because of the weather in TX, it's a little difficult growing it and need a little more care and protection in the Winter months.  

Until then, I've been chopping, Ziplocking and freezing several bags, enough to last at least until the holidays.  I wouldn't mind making strawberry-rhubarb baked goods around Tgiving/Xmas but since it's unavailable in stores at that time, frozen will have to do.  Last year I had a couple bags frozen but not nearly enough to last until then.  THIS year I think I've already gone overboard and half of the freezer is nothing but Ziplock bags of frozen rhubarb and enough to last into 2014.  

If I ever want to have a Swedish Chef moment, I may take advantage of the availability and make a recipe video for my strawberry-rhubarb poundcake on YouTube, named after one of Tommy Sotomayor's signature words when talking about hoodrat beatdowns and bad behavior LOL