Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Meeting Austin St. John/"Jason" - Original Red MMPR: Autographs + Pictures (1995)

I'd met Austin St. John, the original red Power Ranger "Jason" in Louisville, 1995, and had gotten his autograph on a couple things and had taken several pictures and had written a short summary of that weekend event for the college newspaper.  Seemed like a cool and decent guy, was good with the Youngling fans and we even chatted for a few minutes after the majority of the fans had gotten their autographs and pictures and wandered off.  He stood next to me for a picture and made a comment about how the guys in Kentucky were much taller - which was true, he was shorter in person than I thought he'd be and I towered over him.  Short guy or not, he was like a brickhouse and could whoop some ass if it was ever "MORPHIN' TIME!" in real life! LOL  ASJ was actually the first actor/celebrity I ever met in person, I believe.  He did return to the show after leaving with two other original Rangers the first time, but as a gold Ranger instead of Red the second time around.  Since then, I believe I'd read he was now a paramedic.  Hero on TV AND real life!