Saturday, June 29, 2013

Andrea True: "War Machine" - 1980 LP/Released Only In Italy!

And to THAT, I say "WTF?!?".  Why ONLY Italy?

Andrea True had given up disco after a few hits and two albums as Andrea True Connection with Buddah Records from 1976-77.  In 1980, Andrea recruited a new band and recorded the kinda punk-rock LP War Machine, with what I assume was a controversial single and music video at that time during the Reagan era.  And likely because that song was critical of the Reagan admin, the LP had only been released in Italy, along with a picture sleeve 45 RPM of the title track single.  Nowhere else.

Because Andrea passed away two years ago this coming November, I've been trying to locate the label who's likely got the masters to War Machine (originally Ricordi Records), and as an "Unsung" tribute, have that album released domestically for the first time, as well as first print on CD.  If fans and I managed to get the complete 70's Supremes catalog released (AND very-well remastered!) on CD for the first time, surely I can arrange a campaign to get this released at least as a limited edition, and there is fan demand for it.  I've shared a small few cuts from the LP on YouTube with all positive remarks about her new rock sound that was totally different than her 70's disco hits "More, More, More" and "N.Y. You Got Me Dancing".

I have a pretty decent quality audio of "War Machine" but the video source I have sucks.  So I took the sound out of the video and gave a try at sync'ing the good audio with the sucky quality video LOL.  The first couple verses I managed to get sync'ed allright but needs a little work towards the end.  I just need a better copy of the video but this is the ONLY source of video out there!!