Saturday, June 29, 2013


May 2004:  I don't know what possessed me to look at the board with all the ads and index cards for mostly free adoption-ready cats and kittens at the now-closed Pet Smart in Fort Worth (Eastchase/30), but I'd taken a number, called and the next day had driven the other side of Fort Worth to see them for myself.  Because I already had two female adult cats, bringing in a male kitten might not have been a good idea, so the first one from the litter that I'd liked (charcoal grey/all white paws) wouldn't work.  The next one that caught my attention was the quiet striped tabby kitten who napped while the others played.  I picked the scrawny critter up and she licked my hand and then my face when I took a closer look at her - like Witch Hazel waking up Bugs Bunny and he said "What's up, Zsa-Zsa?".  "You're sweeeet - and a female kitten - welcome to the family!"

The original owners were two males (may have been a couple LOL) and their house was FULL of aminals, three+ cats, litter of kittens and about TWELVE daschund's.  I gave them my # in the case they ever wanted to get an update on her (never heard back).  I didn't know how Athena and Chloe would react, but they'd deal with it - and they did, Athena sooner than Chloe.  I was told she was the runt of the litter and I believe them because her tail is shorter than the average cat tail.  All the dogs were hopping and wanting to say "bye", so I passed her around and they all kissed her goodbye - apparently since she was raised with dogs, she didn't fear them.  One of the guys looked like he was about to cry, and I let him know she was going to a good home and there's nothing to worry about.  I'd eliminate a bad human before I'd do anything with a cute little kitten, who was eventually named "Minerva", "Minnie" for short.  And because of her pointy big ears she had to grow into, got the nickname "Bunny", which she also answers to.

It was a good choice because she's the most docile and sweet of the bunch, a teddy bear who's ready to take a nap with me at any time and is so spoiled, we share a blanket and pillow.  These pictures I'd taken on her first day as a member of the family looks no different than what she looks like taking a nap today - including the "one ear up" pose.  And like any "pet parent", I STILL have her pink baby blanket and first toy pictured here.

That night, that no-talent Jasmine Trias FINALLY got kicked off American Idol before the final two (Season 3), so May 19, 2004 was a good day X2!

Side Note:  Minnie's got a thing for sticking her tongue out at the camera, since day 1!