Sunday, June 23, 2013

Jodie Foster on 45 RPM, 1977

I wouldn't have known that actress Jodie Foster also happened to be a singer had not she shared a soundtrack in 1977 with former 70's Supremes lead singer, Scherrie Payne.  Both recorded their own arrangements of "When I Looked At Your Face" for the 1977 French film "Moi, Fleur Bleue", which I've never seen.  The two recordings are apples and oranges - Scherrie's a powerhouse voice and her version is R&B and Jodie's sounds more like country-pop (like the stuff ONJ was recording at the time).

No offense to Jodie, but I've been around enough acoustic guitar strumming lesbian's to know a lesbian's voice when I hear one, and gaydar totally went off when I heard this single.  There would have been no need to be in the closet all those years, I would have already had you figured out! LOL  And without any help from auto-tune, Jodie actually sings it pretty well.