Thursday, June 20, 2013

Taffy F*cks Up Dinner With The Dasher's (Clip from 'Female Trouble' - 1974)

John Waters' movies has just as many hilarious moments as effing DISGUSTING moments, and I'm going to stick with one of my favorite clips today, from one of his early movies starring Divine and the could-NEVER-be-duplicated Edith Massey.

Mink Stole plays "Taffy", the retarded little-girl-in-woman's-body daughter of Dawn Davenport (Divine), and her finest moment was the night Dawn was trying to impress the Dasher couple and hoping to become a star with their partnership.

Taffy ain't having it!  And Taffy knows how to throw ONE hell of a tantrum!  Classic.

"YOU must be COCKEYED, then!".  For real!

Can you believe "Taffy" is the SAME woman who played Corny Collins' stagehand from the original 'Hairspray'?!?!  Now THAT'S a versatile actress!