Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fun Factory: Next Generation

If you were clubbing or listening to the radio in the mid 90's, you might remember Fun Factory - hits like "I Wanna Be With You", "Take Your Chance" and "Close To You".  The original members - Steve, Toni, Rod and Marie-Anett - had retired the group around 1998 after two albums and a greatest hits.  Like O-Jay has done with Real McCoy, another Eurodance group from the 90's, Fun Factory has reformed with three (four in this video) new members.  The live performance I'd seen of them in Poland only had three, including the two guys and the girl with the curly long blonde hair, the one who seems to be singing the majority in this video.  The other blonde wasn't present, so I'm assuming the "Next Generation" Fun Factory started with four, and in the recent two live performances I've seen, it was down to three.

I have this newer single "Uh La La" but hadn't seen the video until today.  The mix used in the video is different than the one I have, and Fun Factory continues to live up to their name.

No problems with all new members - had a group like The Supremes or KISS been reformed with all new members, I'd be furious over it LOL  But since Fun Factory is more or less a "flash in the pan" group, they're not as sacred as those two groups and those kinda groups are used to having a revolving door of group members.  Hopefully they'll do a club tour of the USA, not just Europe.