Saturday, June 29, 2013

Halloween III: Collector's Edition DVD

I was surprised Shout Factory made a half hour documentary on Halloween III to go along with the Collector's Edition of Halloween III: Season Of The Witch, my 2nd favorite of the series (I count Halloween I and II as one and the same, my most favorite of the franchise).  Like director/writer Tommy Lee Wallace said, people are starting to re-watch H3 and they finally "get" it, like I have all along: don't watch it as part of the Michael Myers/Laurie story, for starters.  Two, it's about mass-consumerism and the over-commercialization of holidays like Halloween.  If you're hellbent on a mass killing of children, what more evil way than creating something trendy and BOOBY-TRAPPED, and promote the hell out of it so EVERY kid wants a Silver Shamrock mask to wear on Halloween....and for the giveaway following the horror-thon.

Cochran is a THOUSAND times more evil than Michael Myers!

Watch the Magic Pumpkin.....