Tuesday, June 25, 2013

VHS Recording: The Supremes in 1972

A few years ago, TV Land was having this marathon of Flip Wilson episodes and fortunately I managed to catch a couple with The Supremes as guests in the early 70's and hell yes I had my VCR ready to go!  They'd also had a schedule with the guests listed, so I knew which ones to catch.  

This appearance in 1972, the lineup was Jean Terrell - lead singer and Ross' replacement, along with original member Mary Wilson and newly-joined Lynda Laurence, former singer in Stevie Wonder's backing group, Wonderlove.  

I'm surprised the usually conservatively-dressed Jean Terrell actually agreed to wear the outfits here, but they all looked and sounded great (I prefer when they perform live, like they are here).  They pretty much perform the Smokey Robinson penned "Your Wonderful Sweet Sweet Love" almost in cut-time, twice as fast as the original recording.  And it sounds better done that way, in my opinion - the studio recording was good, but sluggish compared to this: