Sunday, June 9, 2013

Movie Trading Company Haul - Saturday, June 8th

Got a couple older loose ends @ $2.99 a pop yesterday - I had no Episode III Padme figures nor any of Typho from any line.

As for the Bike Scout/Trooper, I wasn't sure what year he was until I caught the copyright date on the back on his leg - 1983, original Return Of The Jedi figure.  But it looks like some kid got ahold of it with a blue crayon years ago LOL

I already had the newer DVD release of Gremlins but quite frankly remember the Gremlins 2 game for the NES more than I remember the movie itself.  So for a bargain price and by recommendation as his favorite movie of all time by Matt over at Dino Drac/X-Entertainment, it's worth a shot.  Plus I also got the DVD of the recent film "Seven Psychopath's" (several-star black comedy, looks like it), which had a limited theater run and didn't even make it to the Movie Tavern or any local theaters here a few months ago!

The Obi-Wan POTJ figure, I mostly wanted it for the cool "Force File" card.  Those are MUCH better than the "battle game" cards that's came with Saga Legends/Clone Wars/Movie Zeroes figures these past few years.  Who even PLAYS that game?!?

Speaking of games, surprisingly MTC was CLEANED OUT of good NES/Nintendo games!  Now that these older cartridge players (NES, Super NES, Sega Genesis) are decently popular now because not EVERYONE wants complex games that takes literally days to beat.  Like myself, some people would rather play games with a little fun and simplicity like Mega Man and Super Mario and don't have to spend a year "leveling up" your character.

Luckily for me, I've ALWAYS been on the NES bandwagon and got the better older titles long before they became scarce! LOL  And hell yeah, I have Q*Bert on the NES too!  Among many other platforms over the years, my all-time favorite video game.

The Vintage Collection Clone Wars Anakin was something I'd gotten in from Amazon not long ago and will soon open.