Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Bout damn time! LOL  I'd misplaced half of the first few pictures I'd taken but now have them all together.......

***Cajun Hot Pickles Recipe***

1 gallon jar dill pickles (any brand), sliced whatever thickness you like
1 medium-sized bag of sugar
1 bottle hot sauce
optional: 1 bottle Tapatio hot sauce
optional: 1 whole garlic, cloved and peeled

Terri Reese-Boykin had taught me that recipe and mine turned out A+, according to everyone who tried them, Terri included! LOL So I'll keep my version - but I used TWO different hot sauces - the original one you can find in any store or restaurant, and I also used Tapatio. Slice the pickles however the thickness you want, and use whatever juice you need after adding the sugar and hot sauce (it won't be much, the pickle slices retain juice and that helps fill the jar. And then I also peeled one entire garlic and added that. I set half of that aside and made one double garlic because I know some people like pickled garlic cloves - except these are sweet and VERY hot. That's how I adjusted the recipe but you got it right the first time, aside from garlic if you'd like to add cloves.

And what I do is save jars from different groceries (different sizes), clean, remove the labels and sanitize them, and then fill the jars with the pickles, garlic cloves and juice, and give those to friends. Good idea for a Xmas gift if your people like spicy hot appetizers.



MAURY:  The "Pickle Factory" episode......