Monday, March 24, 2014


I'm not sure where I got THIS one from, because I'd never seen it before, myself!  It's just a short 5ish minute overview of the Dean Corll/Wayne Henley/David Brooks (who they do not mention) case.  Brooks not too long ago almost got out of prison but the families of victims teamed up and made sure he continues to stay locked up.  He might have not participated in the actual killings, but did some of the luring and especially the burying of victims.  Equally as guilty, could have stopped all that long before Henley even came into the picture.  

It's possible those two were scared to go to the police because as lazy as they were/probably still are, wouldn't have believed the boys if they told them what Corll was up to.  He was too well-liked in the Heights community, and in small towns (to the "cops"), that makes you totally incapable of anything unscrupulous.  Trust me on this, this is why so many pedophiles get away with shit in small towns.