Monday, January 12, 2015


Reviving this year-old post because the originally posted video on YouTube was deleted.  So I reposted it again with my backed-up video.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: they got the WRONG guy.  The son of the killer took the fall for daddy dearest because he'd get less time in prison than Mike Sr.

Listen to Mike Saltz Sr. talking about his son as if they're one and the same, like they suck face.  Speaking for his son in court, as if Mikey Junior can't speak for himself.  There's something creepy about them, and Mike Sr. has "PEDOPHILE" spelled across his ginger forehead.  

I'm from a town as small as theirs (Kentucky), maybe smaller, and know for a fact pedo's work in tandem with the "police", because half if not most of those losers with a badge are pedo's, themselves.  The "cops" from my town are, being caught alone with kids/teenagers in secluded areas, like a creek.  Why do you never hear of any pedo's being arrested, much less detained, even though that crap goes on all the time in small towns?  Especially the one in Kentucky, where I'm from.  What a lot of men, some women, in larger cities goes to prison for is totally permitted and excused there.  Small towns are nothing more than taxpayer-supported pedophile rings.  

And I also know for a fact there's plenty of "women" who'll go out of their way to protect them, lie their asses off.  Obviously they let the pedo's do the work that they can't do because they're bitter they ain't got the equipment to do anything like that - they got wires-crossed gender confused issues.  When they should be begging for a taxpayer-funded sex change.

Plus it's a known fact male drill sergeant's rape young male new recruit's, especially those suspected of being gay (as if that's going to make them straight).   A little smartass with pretty eyes would be the perfect target for somebody like Mike Sr.  And let's not forget that after Mikey Jr. was locked away, another dead boy was found about a mile from where Joe's body was found, 8 year old Malcolm Bond from Cleveland County.  Mikey Junior may have assisted his father, because the apple doesn't fall far from the tree - but he wasn't the killer.

Mikey Junior is now currently free but is a registered sex offender, I believe now living in Ohio.  Maybe one of these days he'll come clean with the truth, but obviously under control from dad, the truth won't come out until after Mike Sr. kicks the bucket.  

Don't buy it and won't buy it.  I trust people in small mostly welfare-owned towns, and especially their "police", as far as I can throw them.  And that ain't far, less than an inch.

If Mike Sr. wants to argue this with me, bring it.  Your smalltown cop buddies are professional stalkers, you can find me.  Just know that in Texas, we don't deal with your kind like how they do in small towns.  We don't kiss pedo ass here, or give it a free pass.  We kill it.