Thursday, January 29, 2015


as much as I liked the reformed Fun Factory with all-new members, looks like the original group - Balja (Marie-Annette was just a "model" and lip-sync'ed in their first two albums' videos), Toni AKA Smooth T, Rod and Steve - has finally jumped on the 90's group reunion wagon.  

From what I've been told, this is just the beginning.  My pal Olaf Jeglitza AKA O-jay is reforming my favorite Eurodance group, Real McCoy.  Mr. President is allegedly reforming.  Maybe even Le Click/La Bouche with Kayo Shekoni in place of the late Melanie Thornton?  Who knows.  Eurodance was kicked off the radio in 1998, and is due for a comeback - because I ain't listening to no MFing radio otherwise.  I'll have my own music collection any day - which includes all incarnations of Fun Factory.

Welcome back, original Fun Factory!!  Now do some club appearances in the USA, don't be jackasses because you have tons of fans here too and not just in Germany and shitty Ukraine!