Thursday, January 29, 2015


A month or so ago, I'd mentioned the MMPR Movie from 1995 was approaching its' 20th Anniversary and was hoping something cool would be released for the fans - IMO it was THE Summer film, which I immediately bought the CD soundtrack after the first time I'd seen it in the theater (of like 10+ times that entire year, I REALLY liked that early CGI Ninja Megazord!).

According to the Power Rangers wikia:

"The movie had come to DVD in 2003 by 20th Century Fox Entertainment. It has also aired a few times, fully restored with sharper picture and clearer sound, on ABC Family, which sparked rumors of the creation of a Special Edition DVD which is now planned by 20th Century Fox Entertainment."

Well, thank you 20th Century Fox Entertainment!

"Zords, Schmords.....I'll crush 'em like roaches."