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OH COME ON!! These HAVE to be Photoshopped!

I call BS, these have got to be Photoshopped! LOL!!!

Dean Corll/Wayne Henley/David Brooks Film

Just a few years before the infamous Chicago area crimes of John Wayne Gacy and his arrest in 1978, an almost identical but much less remembered true crime case happened in Houston, TX.  In the early 70's, teenage males and young boys started disappearing from The Heights community - most marked off by the lazy cops as "runaways".  This continued for about three years and when the police answered a call of a man who'd been shot, they discovered one of the worst accounts of serial killings that had been committed by the dead man, Dean Corll.  The person who fired the gun was a teenager named Wayne Henley - come to find out, he was an accomplice of Corll, as well as another young man, David Brooks.  

Corll had already been killing and burying a few young victims prior to when the two teenagers joined in, and those two were asked to bring their friends to Corll (promising $ for each one).  The boys were handcuffed to a board, tortured and usually strangled or shot.  The accomplices also helped in burying the victims.  When the handcuffs were on Henley one night (along with two friends), he managed to talk Dean into freeing him so he could help him out with the two friends.  Once the cuffs were off, Henley managed to get his hands on a gun, shot Corll and ultimately ended their reign of terror in a small Houston community.  There were approx 30 victims, all buried in 3 or so locations (one of them being a rented storage unit), but because Corll was active before the teens joined him, there's a possibility there were more victims that they had no idea about, or where they would be buried.  

There's been several movies based on true crime and American serial killers, but this will be the first one to cover the Corll/Henley/Brooks crimes.  And they're going all out making the film, even using some of Henley's old personal belongings, like clothes and wall posters (obtained from Henley's mother).  

This includes a couple clips of the upcoming docu-film "In A Madman's World".  I hope it'll get better distribution than the documentary The Dahmer Files - I had to rent that one from Amazon!

Supremes 70's Boxed Sets: Volume 2 (Scherrie Payne Years)

The 2nd volume and my personal favorite of the two, covering 1974-77 and lead singer Scherrie Payne:

Supremes 70's Boxed Sets: Volume 1 (Jean Terrell Years)

A lot of campaigning and hellraising and the fans finally got the 70's Supremes albums in 2 volumes (3 if you count the 2-disc set of three LP's with The Four Tops).  Thanks Harry, Andy and everyone at Hip-O Select!.

The first volume - the Jean Terrell years:

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Halloween III: Collector's Edition DVD

I was surprised Shout Factory made a half hour documentary on Halloween III to go along with the Collector's Edition of Halloween III: Season Of The Witch, my 2nd favorite of the series (I count Halloween I and II as one and the same, my most favorite of the franchise).  Like director/writer Tommy Lee Wallace said, people are starting to re-watch H3 and they finally "get" it, like I have all along: don't watch it as part of the Michael Myers/Laurie story, for starters.  Two, it's about mass-consumerism and the over-commercialization of holidays like Halloween.  If you're hellbent on a mass killing of children, what more evil way than creating something trendy and BOOBY-TRAPPED, and promote the hell out of it so EVERY kid wants a Silver Shamrock mask to wear on Halloween....and for the giveaway following the horror-thon.

Cochran is a THOUSAND times more evil than Michael Myers!

Watch the Magic Pumpkin.....

Andrea True: "War Machine" - 1980 LP/Released Only In Italy!

And to THAT, I say "WTF?!?".  Why ONLY Italy?

Andrea True had given up disco after a few hits and two albums as Andrea True Connection with Buddah Records from 1976-77.  In 1980, Andrea recruited a new band and recorded the kinda punk-rock LP War Machine, with what I assume was a controversial single and music video at that time during the Reagan era.  And likely because that song was critical of the Reagan admin, the LP had only been released in Italy, along with a picture sleeve 45 RPM of the title track single.  Nowhere else.

Because Andrea passed away two years ago this coming November, I've been trying to locate the label who's likely got the masters to War Machine (originally Ricordi Records), and as an "Unsung" tribute, have that album released domestically for the first time, as well as first print on CD.  If fans and I managed to get the complete 70's Supremes catalog released (AND very-well remastered!) on CD for the first time, surely I can arrange a campaign to get this released at least as a limited edition, and there is fan demand for it.  I've shared a small few cuts from the LP on YouTube with all positive remarks about her new rock sound that was totally different than her 70's disco hits "More, More, More" and "N.Y. You Got Me Dancing".

I have a pretty decent quality audio of "War Machine" but the video source I have sucks.  So I took the sound out of the video and gave a try at sync'ing the good audio with the sucky quality video LOL.  The first couple verses I managed to get sync'ed allright but needs a little work towards the end.  I just need a better copy of the video but this is the ONLY source of video out there!!

Athena Taking A Break......


Demon Kitty From Hell.


This arcade game kills me!  Too bad I missed it when it came out around 1990, but thanks to MAME I discovered it on one of my random picks of the available games.

Talking Cat?

I've never heard of a cat asking for chicken salad before.


May 2004:  I don't know what possessed me to look at the board with all the ads and index cards for mostly free adoption-ready cats and kittens at the now-closed Pet Smart in Fort Worth (Eastchase/30), but I'd taken a number, called and the next day had driven the other side of Fort Worth to see them for myself.  Because I already had two female adult cats, bringing in a male kitten might not have been a good idea, so the first one from the litter that I'd liked (charcoal grey/all white paws) wouldn't work.  The next one that caught my attention was the quiet striped tabby kitten who napped while the others played.  I picked the scrawny critter up and she licked my hand and then my face when I took a closer look at her - like Witch Hazel waking up Bugs Bunny and he said "What's up, Zsa-Zsa?".  "You're sweeeet - and a female kitten - welcome to the family!"

The original owners were two males (may have been a couple LOL) and their house was FULL of aminals, three+ cats, litter of kittens and about TWELVE daschund's.  I gave them my # in the case they ever wanted to get an update on her (never heard back).  I didn't know how Athena and Chloe would react, but they'd deal with it - and they did, Athena sooner than Chloe.  I was told she was the runt of the litter and I believe them because her tail is shorter than the average cat tail.  All the dogs were hopping and wanting to say "bye", so I passed her around and they all kissed her goodbye - apparently since she was raised with dogs, she didn't fear them.  One of the guys looked like he was about to cry, and I let him know she was going to a good home and there's nothing to worry about.  I'd eliminate a bad human before I'd do anything with a cute little kitten, who was eventually named "Minerva", "Minnie" for short.  And because of her pointy big ears she had to grow into, got the nickname "Bunny", which she also answers to.

It was a good choice because she's the most docile and sweet of the bunch, a teddy bear who's ready to take a nap with me at any time and is so spoiled, we share a blanket and pillow.  These pictures I'd taken on her first day as a member of the family looks no different than what she looks like taking a nap today - including the "one ear up" pose.  And like any "pet parent", I STILL have her pink baby blanket and first toy pictured here.

That night, that no-talent Jasmine Trias FINALLY got kicked off American Idol before the final two (Season 3), so May 19, 2004 was a good day X2!

Side Note:  Minnie's got a thing for sticking her tongue out at the camera, since day 1!

Friday, June 28, 2013

A "Shocking" Experience at Wal-Mart: Cow Tipping!!

A loud-ass couple get into a shouting match with a taser-happy security guard in front of a Wal-Mart (where else?) with some amusing results.

Why do obese people ALWAYS have to interject "I'M AN AMERICAN!!!" into every argument?!?  You SHO is, a loudmouthed Big Mac on two legs.  Who gives a f*ck what you are!

VHS Recording: The Supremes in 1971

Another great performance I'd caught and taped from the Flip Wilson marathon a few years ago:  Diana Ross' replacement Jean Terrell with original Supreme Mary Wilson and Cindy Birdsong trading leads on "Love The One You're With" in late 1971.  Around that time, they'd recorded the song with The Four Tops on one of three albums they'd recorded together in the early 70's as "The Magnificent Seven".

Jedi Mini-Shrines

I'd printed the pictures of a few Jedi with the same background and used one or more figures in a "mini-shrine" display.  In the case of Bultar Swan, only one good figure has been made - the other one, which came with a comic pack years ago, wasn't up to par and looked nothing like Mimi Daraphet.  I'd tried the Vintage Collection Aayla Secura robe on Miss Swan and it looks two or three times too big for her LOL  The actresses who played Barriss, Luminara and Shaak Ti liked the pictures, and that was the best compliment for such an amateur job.

Because all the carpet was torn out and replaced and the walls repainted, all this had to come down and I'm in the process of making a whole new entertainment room with new displays and posters I'd had framed but was never hanged previously.

BELATED "May The 4th Be With You" Video

I'd originally posted this on May 4th last month and even got a "thumbs up" from the two Jedi actresses featured on my personal "May The 4th Be With You" greeting - Nalini Krishan (Barriss Offee) and Mary Oyaya (Master Luminara).  It was thrown together quickly and by no means a professional work of art, but next to Halloween, it's the best secular holiday of the year and didn't want to be a Grinch and say zilch! LOL

The song used is "Space Gate" by Eurodance group MR. President.  In America, they're a 1-hit wonder for "Coco Jamboo" in 1997 - in European countries, several hits and one of the best-selling dance groups of all time.

As The Country Circles The Bowl.......

Just "WOW"!  

Boys, take a good look at this landfill of Bieber fans and avoid this kinda trash at all costs.  These are the women you DON'T want having custody of your future kids - the selfish, narcissistic type that'll throw her own kids under the bus for anything they're infatuated with, even a pedophile.  When they say America's mental health system is totally in the gutter, they weren't kidding.  

Side note:  I haven't seen THAT much metal-mouth since junior high school!  Judging from their cheap morals and how they explain a situation like "Bieber punching his grandma in the stomach", I'll take a wild guess that metal will eventually be transformed into meth-mouth.  

"Oh, my new boyfriend wasn't STRANGLING my children - he was just checking them for head lice!  The funeral for all three is tomorrow and the wedding is still on for this weekend if I can make bail.  He's worked REALLY hard setting aside money from his fraud, I mean, disability checks ALL year long to pay for it - and I told myself "He's a keeper!"  We're looking forward to starting our new family, all this is just water under the bridge that we'll have to cross.  Oh, and we have a wedding registry at Bed Bath & Beyond if you'd like to make a donation!" 
*commence to throwing a self-pity party*

And that's the sum of the NEW "All-American Girl".

Thank Mumm-Ra I never have and never will bother with THAT crap.  When it comes to children, I'd NEVER share custody with an E.Z. "woman" who goes dumpster diving for a "man" to bring around my kids - and that's more than 50% of divorced American women with custody of the kids.  "F*ck background checks, it's all about ME!!!"  But that's another rant for another day.  And DO I have an arsenal of them - enough to call it "Bitch-Fest 2013: NOBODY'S Safe"!  Millie Jackson ain't got sh*t on me when it comes to bitching and ranting LOL!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I'm Not Convinced At All

Uninvited Company

THERE'S that green little bastard who's been hanging out and appearing all over the back yard area on and off for the past year, but apparently a permanent resident these past few weeks.  When he spots you, like this fuschia-colored bubble in his neck area appears.  And he's also scared the hell out of me a couple times because it blends colors with the grass and leaves and takes off running when you get close to it.  He can hang out and eat all the bugs he wants, but slimy paws off my blueberries!  And stay out of the house too!

Vermin These Days

NOW I know what's up with Lucas handing the Star Wars franchise over to Disney.

Apparently George didn't have much of a choice in the matter.

Florida Online Child Predator Sting Nabs Salacious Crumb Fan

Ironically, he's being taken away with just the word "Salacious" across his gut.

Lovely Ti's report on this sting operation

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Blueberry Bushes 2013

This is my first try at growing blueberry bushes from the potted seedlings sold at Home Depot - got three of them and if they turn out OK, I'll add more next year.  So far, it looks like they're doing OK:

Amanaman: Side-by-Side Comparison

The 1985 original Power Of The Force Amanaman figure next to the "updated/modern" Power Of The Jedi Amanaman from around 2000.  The original figure gets my vote as the creepiest and better version, and would be nice if a Vintage Collection style improved and more movie-accurate (ESPECIALLY in terms of height - both of these are still too short) Amanaman will be considered in the future.

Minnie, Chloe & Athena: OBVIOUSLY Neglected And Starved Kitties!


These three lounging around to the "Destinys Island" theme from the original Kingdom Hearts game (thought the music was appropriate with all the sunbathing going on LOL!!)


TWO Rounds with Maleficent [Kingdom Hearts/KH1]

I've already posted two videos from the sequel, Kingdom Hearts II, but I also liked the original KH too, as I'd played and finished the original first, then KH2 and finally the last PS2 game, KH: RE/Chain of Memories which came out around the time PS2 games were becoming pretty much obsolete.  Goes to show my refusal of evolving with video games: I still have at least 7-10 PS2 games I have either barely played or just haven't yet finished.  From Ghostbusters to the first two Lego Star Wars games, the Clone Wars PS2 game (with Master Luminara as a playable character at some point), need to finish Force Unleashed and a couple older PS1 games I'd picked up over the years too, like the kinda-rare Muppets Racing game, similar to Super Mario Kart.  And until I get the chance to finish those, I'm sticking with PS2 as my most modern platform and plan to keep it that way.

In fact, instead of upgrading to PS3/PS4 or whatever in the future, I STILL buy older, still fun and playable games for the Nintendo and Super NES, as those retro-cartridge platforms seem to be decently popular and it's good to see people enjoying those forgotten 8-bit gems like Kid Niki, the classic Mega Man games, and original Nintendo classics like Balloon Fight and Ice Climber.  I'd much rather play those games, and with many of them on NES back in the day, are 2-player/co-op 2-player games, like Life Force and TMNT: The Arcade Game.

In KH2, I used magic attacks just as much as physical combat with the keyblade - I'd say about 50/50 keyblade/magic.  But in the original KH, I mostly just straight-up beat the brakes off the Disney Villains with the keyblade.  Especially in the case of the back-to-back battles with Maleficent followed by Maleficent in Dragon form.

"Now shall you deal with ME, 'o Prince....."

VHS Recording: The Supremes in 1974

Another "Supreme" live television performance, from 1974.  Lead singer Jean Terrell and Lynda Laurence left the group in 1973, and Cindy Birdsong, who'd taken maternity leave in 1971, returned back to her spot next to original member, Mary Wilson.  Searching for a new lead singer, they were introduced to Scherrie Payne, younger sister of singer Freda Payne, and formerly of the Invictus label group The Glass House.  Being a powerhouse of a singer, she was the perfect choice to join and stayed with the group until they disbanded in 1977.  

This performance was shortly after Jean and Lynda left and Scherrie was hired and Cindy re-joined.  First verse - Mary/Second verse - Scherrie/Third verse - Cindy.  All three look and sound great, and Scherrie looks almost identical to her sister Freda, and her voice sounds a lot similar too.  The following year, they released their self-titled LP The Supremes in 1975, their first studio album since 1972.  

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Adopted at 5 weeks old in 2004 and under "Minnie surveillance" ever since - no aminal has ever been as attached to me as this spoiled rotten critter! LOL!!  I can't think of a single time I've gone to bed or even taken a short catnap without her being glued next to me.  She's so spoiled, we've shared a blanket AND pillow ever since she was a tiny thing.  If you're ever going to adopt a cat and want a recommendation, most striped tabby kitties I've known, ESPECIALLY this one, are pretty docile and loveable.  With Minnie, it's like having my own Pikachu!  More like Snorlax!


If you were disappointed as myself with what a wuss The M.C.P. actually turned out to be in the original Tron movie - you're in for a treat of a Disney Villains battle in Kingdom Hearts II.  Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy and Tron confront Sark and The M.C.P. and makes the original M.C.P. totally boring and lame in comparison.  This battle is a little more fun because you battle Sark and The M.C.P. simultaneously, alternating between the two.

And the best part is.......

You get to TASER the MCP!!!  MULTIPLE times!!!  YEEE-HAH!!!  LET'S PLAY!!!:


After seeing the Clone Wars movie, I've been calling my chubby little Minnie "ME BOO-GIE!!!" like Jabba calls his baby boy, Rotta!  And like Jabba, anyone who'd mess with my "ME BOO-GIE!!!" would be wanted dead or alive! LOL