Friday, June 28, 2013

As The Country Circles The Bowl.......

Just "WOW"!  

Boys, take a good look at this landfill of Bieber fans and avoid this kinda trash at all costs.  These are the women you DON'T want having custody of your future kids - the selfish, narcissistic type that'll throw her own kids under the bus for anything they're infatuated with, even a pedophile.  When they say America's mental health system is totally in the gutter, they weren't kidding.  

Side note:  I haven't seen THAT much metal-mouth since junior high school!  Judging from their cheap morals and how they explain a situation like "Bieber punching his grandma in the stomach", I'll take a wild guess that metal will eventually be transformed into meth-mouth.  

"Oh, my new boyfriend wasn't STRANGLING my children - he was just checking them for head lice!  The funeral for all three is tomorrow and the wedding is still on for this weekend if I can make bail.  He's worked REALLY hard setting aside money from his fraud, I mean, disability checks ALL year long to pay for it - and I told myself "He's a keeper!"  We're looking forward to starting our new family, all this is just water under the bridge that we'll have to cross.  Oh, and we have a wedding registry at Bed Bath & Beyond if you'd like to make a donation!" 
*commence to throwing a self-pity party*

And that's the sum of the NEW "All-American Girl".

Thank Mumm-Ra I never have and never will bother with THAT crap.  When it comes to children, I'd NEVER share custody with an E.Z. "woman" who goes dumpster diving for a "man" to bring around my kids - and that's more than 50% of divorced American women with custody of the kids.  "F*ck background checks, it's all about ME!!!"  But that's another rant for another day.  And DO I have an arsenal of them - enough to call it "Bitch-Fest 2013: NOBODY'S Safe"!  Millie Jackson ain't got sh*t on me when it comes to bitching and ranting LOL!!