Thursday, June 20, 2013

In The Words of Scooby-Doo: "ROMMA RASS!!! ROMMA RASS!!!"

An ENORMOUS song by an ENORMOUSLY larger-than-life diva!  And an involuntary posthumous member of my own unofficial Hutt Clan!!

I've never tried acid/LSD and have been told "never try it your very first time unless it's with somebody you trust, and preferably with somebody experienced and knows how to stay in control and can keep you on a non-kookoo level and keep you from doing something stupid in public!" LOL!!! 

But the ONLY person I'd trust to trip on acid with for a possibly first and final time IS Mama Cass. And since she's dead, I guess I'm just shit outta luck. Unless I could figure out a way to exhume and taser her back alive, even if it just lasts a few hours. You know, like Jason Voorhees in F13 Part 6!  ONLY in that case, will I ever experience LSD/acid and really in no hurry, either!

"People Like Us" from 1971 is the BEST Mamas & The Papas LP EVAH!!!  LOTS of Michelle Phillips singing lead, not so much Cass on their final and obligatory album!