Friday, June 21, 2013

RED R2-D2 Cameo In Jaleco's 1982 Coin-Op Arcade Game "Naughty Boy"?

To tell you the truth, I'd never even heard of Jaleco's 1982 arcade game "Naughty Boy", but have noticed it has a following with vintage classic gamers on YouTube.  Because there were so many arcade games I'd never played or heard of between the mid 70's through mid 90's, I'll just randomly pick a title on the arcade emulator and if I like it, I'll be a return player.  Like that golden game of a find and BEYOND hysterical "Pigout" from 1990 by Leland - an INSTANT classic with me, a BILLION stars rating!  If the random game I just tried sucks, see you MUCH later.  

This "Naughty Boy" falls in between but I'll give it slack since it's a 1982 game by a smaller company.  All you do is throw rocks at monsters in the yard, and burning up the flags at the front of the castle on each level.  

What's so "naughty" about THAT?!?

Anyway, copyrights were REALLY shot to hell in 1982 because a skittering R2-D2 WITH little peg-legs makes a cameo as one of the "bad guys", painted up in R5-D4's red paint! LOL  Was Big George aware of this?  I thought it was kinda cute, his feets moves like they're on ski's or something!

Take a look for yourself, I played a little just to catch his appearance, for how long THAT lasted!