Friday, June 21, 2013

"My Most FAVORITE Song Of All Time Is......."

I can't begin a sentence like THAT anymore - at one time, I'd say I'd have my #1 most favorite song of all time, and it's by this particular group.  A couple years later and my musical tastes may have changed a little, and "my most favorite song of all time" would be a totally different song than the one I was claiming to be #1 a couple years before! LOL!!

Instead of just "only one" #1, I've got to have a "most favorite song of all time" by each individual group/artist who I've been a fan of and listening to for years.  I have my "core favorite" groups and singers who I can't go three days without listening to - and each one will get a #1 "most favorite song", and for good measure, my two favorites behind #1 for backup.

When I limit myself to just ONE and ONLY ONE single "most favorite song of all time", it leaves out all the other great stuff that's equally as significant in my listening time.

Years ago, my "#1 MOST FAVORITE song of all time" (and all my fellow 70's Supremes fan-friends have been WELL aware of for AT LEAST a DECADE ;) was "Let Yourself Go" from The Supremes' last album in 1976 ("Mary, Scherrie & Susaye").  It's just so unlike the signature sound The Supremes are known for - it's still the Motown sound, but a gritty-sounding disco/funk LP that I'd suspect probably got more clubplay in the underground clubs around that time than the mainstream places like Studio 54.  Larry Levan, infamous DJ at the Paradise Garage spun the HELL out of "Let Yourself Go", even years after the single was released.  Obviously it was THAT good of a single! LOL And Motown's most under-rated from that year, too.

I'd recorded/digitized this 1977 VHS clip from the Mike Douglas show: Scherrie Payne, Susaye Greene and original member Mary Wilson, just months before finally disbanding and retiring the group as disco was just beginning to take a life of its own.  Two years later, Mary released her first solo LP with Motown, and simultaneously, Scherrie & Susaye released their duo LP "Partners" on Motown's label in 1979 too.

On to the #1 MOST favorite 70's Supremes single - the flashiest they'd ever appeared on TV, big-ass 1977 blue eyeshadow and disco glitter around their eyes - going out with a bang!

And on THAT good note, have a Supreme weekend and don't have TOO much fun celebrating the switch from Spring to Summer!  ;)  I'm ALREADY dreading the dry TX heat, f*ck it, I HATE it!  I think ORLANDO's Summer humidity was MORE tolerable - at least I'd get a good tan out of it and WITHOUT any help from tanning oil, etc.!