Friday, June 14, 2013

Fun Factory/Next Generation: Live Club Performance

There was four members in the "Uh La La" video and the following year only three at this live club gig. I like their re-recording of their original single "Do Wah Diddy Diddy" even better than the original. The rap trade-off's between Rod and Toni were kinda laid-back while these two new guys really tackled it and loved their rap trade-off's even better. I hope this is the current lineup in their so-called "2013 comeback".

Their new single "Be Good To Me" is bangin too.

If they're saying "2013 will be a big comeback year for Fun Factory" - so do it! And have a club tour and release an album in the USA! FUCK BIEBER, if you're going to get me to buy recent music, it's got to be from a group I grown up listening to, not THIS crap people call "music". At least Fun Factory continues their 90's sound in their 2 new singles. Even with all new members, I don't care - obviously original member Toni Cottura doesn't care, he produces some of their music! Axe that hippo from Hip-O Select! I carry a harpoon - and NOW a handheld TASER. Don't MAKE Me have to take you guys hostage - either have a club tour in the USA or you can by force have a private concert for me instead! Take your pick! LOL