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I'm pretty sure Dean Corll was active before he was joined by Brooks and Henley.......


My name is David Brooks. I am 18-years-old and I live at 145 Pech with my wife, Bridget.

I never actually killed anyone but was in the room when they happened and was supposed to help if something went wrong, The first killing that I remember happened when Dean was living at the Yorktown  house. There were two boys there and I left before they were killed, but Dean told me that he had killed them afterwards. I don't know where they were buried or what their names were. The first few that Dean killed were supposed to have been sent off somewhere in California.

The first killing that I remember being present at was on 6363 San Felipe. That boy was Ruben Haney (* Ruben Watson). Dean and I were the only people involved in that one, but Dean did the killing, and I was just present when it happened. I also remember two boys who were killed at the Place One apartments on Mangum. They were brothers and their father worked next door where they were building some more apartments. I was present when Dean killed them by strangling them, but again I did not participate. I believe that that I was present when they were buried, but I don't remember where they were buried. The youngest of these two boys is the youngest that was killed I think.

I remember one boy who was killed at Dean's house on Columbia. This was just before Wayne Henley came into the picture. Dean kept this boy around the house for about four days before he killed him. I don't remember his name but we picked him up on Eleventh and Rutland; I think I helped bury this boy also, but I don't remember where it was. This was about two years ago. It really upset Dean to have to kill this boy because he really liked him.

A boy by the name of Glass was also killed at the Columbia address. I had taken him home one time, but he wouldn't get out because he wanted to go back to Dean's. I took him back and Dean ended up killing him. Now that I think about it I'm not sure whether it was Glass that I took home or another boy, but I believe that it was Glass.

It was during the time that we were living on Columbia Street that Wayne Henley got involved. Wayne took part in getting the boys at first and later he took an active part in the killings. Wayne seemed to enjoy causing pain and he was especially sadistic at the Schuler address. Most of the killings that occurred after Wayne came into the picture involved all three of us. I still did not take part in the actual killing, but nearly always all three of us were there.

Mark Scott was killed at the Schuler address. I had told yesterday in my witness statement about Mark Scott being at the Schuler house, but I did not say I was present - which I was. Mark had a knife and he tried to get Dean: he swung at him with a knife and caught Dean's shirt and barely broke the skin. He still had one hand tied: Dean grabbed the hand with the knife. Wayne ran out of the room and got a pistol, and Mark just gave up. Wayne killed Mark Scott and I think that he strangled him. Mark was either buried at the beach or at the boathouse.

There was another boy killed at Schuler; actually there were two this time. A boy named Billy Baulch and one named Johnny and I think that his last name was Malone. Wayne strangled Billy and he said "Hey, Johnny" and when Johnny looked up, Wayne shot him in the forehead with a .22. The bullet came out of his ear and he raised up and about three minutes later he said, "Wayne, please don't!" Then Wayne strangled him, and Dean helped.

It was while we were living on Schuler that Wayne and Dean got me down and started to kill me. I begged Dean not to kill me and he finally let me go. I had told about this in my witness statement yesterday and that part of my statement was absolutely true. It was also at this address that they got Billy Ridinger and what I said in my witness statement was true about him. I took care of him while he was there and I believe the only reason he is alive now is because I begged them not to kill him. 

Wayne and Dean got one boy by themselves while we were on Schuler. It was a tall, skinny guy. I just happened to walk in the house and there he was. I left before they killed this one.

In the first apartment we lived in at Westcott Towers (they had two there) I think that there were two boys killed. These were both young boys from the Heights area, but I don't know their names. Wayne accidentally shot one of them. This was about seven am. I was in the other room asleep when this happened. Dean told me that Wayne had just come in waving the .22 and accidentally shot one of the boys in the mouth. The bullet went in and you could see it beneath the skin. They didn't kill the boy right then: they killed these two boys later on that day.

Dean moved to the Princessa Apartments on Wirt Road and I remember him getting one boy there by himself. He wanted me to help him but I wouldn't do it. I didn't want to mess with this one because I had someplace I wanted to go, so I tried to get him mad so he would leave, but he wanted to stay. Dean grabbed the boy and within three minutes of when he grabbed him I was gone. At that time I was using Dean's car so I was in and out all the time. 

After the Princessa Apartments, Dean moved to Pasadena. I know of two that were killed there: One was from Baton Rouge and one was a small blond boy from South Houston. I saw the boy from South Houston for about forty-five minutes. I took him a pizza and then I left and he wanted ne to come back. I wasn't there when either of these two boys were killed. I did come in just after Dean had killed the boy from Baton Rouge, that one was on a different boy from the blond boy. 

In all, I guess that there were between twenty-five and thirty boys killed and they were buried in three different places. I was present and helped bury many of them, but not all of them. Most of them were buried at the boat stall. There are three or four buried at Sam Rayburn, I think. I am sure that there are two up there. On the first one at Sam Rayburn I helped them bury him, then the next one we took to Sam Rayburn when we got there Dean and Wayne found that the first one had come to the surface and either a foot or a hand was above ground. When they buried this one the second time, they put some type of plastic sheet on top of him to keep him down. 

The third place that they were buried was on the beach at High Island. This was right off the Winnie exit where the road goes to the beach. You turn east on the beach road and drive until the pavement changes, which is about a quarter or a half  mile and the bodies are on the right-hand side of the highway about fifteen or twenty yards off the road. I never actually buried one here, but I always drove the car. I know that one of the graves had a large rock on top of it. I think that there are five or more bodies buried at this location.

The bodies at the beach are in a row down the beach for perhaps half a mile or so. I am willing to show officers where this location is and will try to locate as many of the graves as possible.

I regret that this happened and I'm sorry for the kids' families. I am making this statement of my own free will and have not promised anything.


David Brooks



My name is Wayne Henley. I am a white male, 17-years-old and I live at 927 North 27th Street with my mother, grandmother and brothers.

About three years ago I met a guy by the name of Dean Corll. Dean was a lot older than me and a school friend of mine named David Brooks introduced me to him. David was always riding around in Dean's car and everything. I was only 14 back then and I thought this was great.

David Brooks told me he could get me in on a deal where I could make some money, and he took me to Dean Corll. Dean told me that he belonged to an organization out of Dallas that bought and sold boys, ran whores and stuff like that. Dean told me that he would pay me $200.00 for every boy I could get for him and maybe more if they were real good looking boys. I didn't try to find any for him until about a year later, and I decided that I could use the money to get better things for my people so one day I went over to Dean's apartment on Schuler Street (*Corll lived here Feb. to June of 72) and told him I would find a boy for him. Dean had a GTX at the time and we got in it.  Dean and me started driving around. We picked up a boy at 11th and Studewood and I talked to him since I had long hair and all and it was easier for me to talk to him. I talked him into going to Dean's Apartment to smoke some marijuana, so we went over to Dean's Apt. 

Dean left some handcuffs laying out where they could be seen, and we had this little deal set up where I would put the handcuffs on and then could get out of them. Then we talked this boy (I don't remember his name) into trying to get out of them. The only thing was we put them on where the locks were turned in where he couldn't get the key into them. Dean then took the boy down and tied his feet and put tape over his mouth. I thought Dean was going to sell him to the organization that he belonged to, so I left. Then the next day, Dean paid me $200.00.

A day or so later, I found out that Dean had killed the boy; then I found out that Dean had screwed him in the a** before killing him. This was the start of the whole thing and since then, I have helped Dean get 8 or 10 other boys, I don't remember exactly how many. Dean would screw all of them and sometimes suck them and make them suck him - them he would kill them. I killed several of them myself with Dean's gun and helped him choke some others. Then we would take them and bury them in different places, David Brooks was with us on most of them.

I think the only three David Brooks wasn't with us on were the last ones at the house on Lamar Street in Pasadena (*Mike Baulch, Charles Cobble and Marty Ray Jones - Henley was not a participant in the Dreymala abduction and murder). The ones that I can remember by name are: David Hilligiest who Dean told me that he had killed and buried in his boat stall; a boy by the name of Malley Winkle who David and Dean told me they had killed and put in the boat stall; Charles Cobble who I killed and we buried in the boat stall. Then Marty Jones: me and Dean choked him and buried him in the boat stall. We killed a boy by the name of Billy Lawrence: I don't  remember how we killed him, but we buried him up at Dean's place on Sam Rayburn Lake. We killed him at the house on Lamar Street, too. 

Dean told me about one named Ruben Haney that he killed and buried on the beach at High Island. I shot and killed Johnny Delone, and we buried him at High Island. Then me and Dean and David Brooks killed two brothers, I think we choked them, anyway, we buried Billy Baulch at High Island and Mike Baulch at Rayburn. We choked Mark Scott and Frank Aguirre and buried them at High Island. The last one I can remember the name of is Homer Garcia, and I shot him in the head and we buried him at Rayburn. I don't remember the dates on all of these, because there has been too many of them. Some of there were hitch-hikers and I don't remember their names. Dean told me that there was 24 in all, but I wasn't with him on all of them.

I tried to tell my mother two or three times about this stuff and she just wouldn't believe me. I even wrote a confession one time and hid it, hoping that Dean would kill me because the thing was bothering me so bad. I gave the confession to my mother and told her if I was gone for a certain length of time to turn it in. Me and David talked about killing Dean so that we could get away from this whole thing and several times I have come to within an inch of killing him but I just never got enough nerve to do it until yesterday, because Dean told me that this organization would get me if I ever did anything to him.

This statement covers all that I can remember about all these killings and all that I know about where they are buried.


Wayne Henley