Monday, November 18, 2013


For a while, and probably still is, the show Cheaters was based in Dallas, TX.

And wouldn't you know, I actually know a guy who got busted on the show.  And might I also add, I'm not SURPRISED he'd be busted on a show like Cheaters.  

I don't personally know the guy but he is an acquaintance, had seen him several times at parties, as he worked at the same place as a few friends, at the time (and they may all still work there, haven't checked).  

What would have been an extra twist on this Cheaters bust is when I knew the guy, he was with MEN.  Not that it's my business, but don't care too much for "downlow" men and what they're known for.  He was actually playing mind-games with a male friend of mine, who was also bipolar, and so this bust serves his biracial and bisexual ass right! LOL

The part about the girl throwing his penis pump back at him had me rolling on the floor.  And still cracks me up.

This isn't the only person I know who I've caught on TV:  a former friend from Louisville made an appearance on Sally Jessy Raphael once, talking about his gastric bypass surgery circa 1998 that pretty much backfired on him (big guy at one time, when I first met him - 6ft9ish and close to 400 lbs; post-surgery was skin and bones and I'd seen him at a Halloween party the year of his SJR appearance).  I even taped that show, will have to post it sometime.