Friday, November 22, 2013


Compared to the three pictures I'd posted last Sunday I believe, these pictures of the new The Black Series Luminara taken this morning looks much better.  I have two, already picked the one I want to KEEP carded and will open the other one and take pictures of the "loose"/opened figure later today.  

This version of Luminara is pretty unique - the first ever whose headpiece is removable!  And the ironic thing is her hairstyle looks like it was designed after Mary Oyaya's pictures taken while her makeup for Episode II was being applied behind the scenes.

The Episode III figure of Luminara is my all-time favorite of all the ones made since Episode II, but this one ties with it for the updated articulation and fantastic paintwork.  

Kudos, Hasbro - I don't hate you guys all that much anymore! LOL  ;)