Sunday, November 24, 2013


Not that I'm against writing - as you can tell with MY gator going 90 miles an hour right here - but I was disappointed to find out that Michelle Valentine, the lead singer of The Cover Girls from 1990-97, hadn't recorded anything since The Cover Girls' final album Satisfy from 1996.  Now she's an author of romance-oriented books.  ZZZZzzzzzzz

After TCG's first two 80's albums, Michelle replaced original lead singer Angel (who, like a wannabe Latina Diana Ross, ABANDONED The Cover Girls on her own accord, for a FLOP solo album), had a massive hit with their rerecording of "Wishing On A Star" in 1992, and compared to that single, "Thank You" from the same album kinda flopped.  I thought their following and final album later on in 1996 was even better, as they were evolving with a hip-hop edge, like En Vogue's sound.  

Oh well.  The original Cover Girls "starring" original lead singer ANGEL, are currently touring, but a second configuration with the other 90's lead singer, Evelyn Escalera, is also touring here and there too.  I appreciate Angel's early work with the group, but her little entourage has an unnecessary chip on their shoulders, and I could never see Michelle OR Evelyn ever working with her, in any way.  That's one bitter original lead singer, I don't like her ass and probably never will LOL  

Maybe Angel should choose better people to associate with, just sayin' bitch.

featuring Michelle Valentine
"Thank You"
released 1992