Saturday, November 23, 2013


I'd already taken a big Voorhees knife to a fresh pineapple, chopped that into a med-size crock pot, added brown sugar and cinnamon plus a little butter and let that simmer on low for a few hours as a pineapple upside-down cake topping starter.  I began it the slower "as I go along" version; THAT had to get postponed until next Monday I guess (something to bring over to Dr. Mario and them over in Fort Worth, and placed the majority of the slow-cooked pineapple into a bowl with a lid for the next couple days -  it'll still be fine to continue using again on Monday, just chill til then.

Had massacred the entire pineapple, in larger cubes about 4-6X the size of the cubed/canned pineapple in juice.  I had a single roll-out pie crust and made two single-serving variations: "pineapple upside-down PIE".  Actually it was just improvised a'la "stoner cuisine" or some BS like that, and I haven't tried any yet but have been told it was just as good as the poundcake/REAL upside-down version.  So I will keep the "PIE version" in mind in case I'm ever pressed for time or just quite frankly don't feel like fucking with making the poundcake and going through all that.  Before baking, added to each 6 of the bar cherries and more cinnamon/butter.  NOW I'm sounding like big ol' Paula Deen over here LOL

The first five pictures were during "assembly"/BEFORE baking the pies.  The rest is the finished products.  WHATEVAH.


I have TONS of stuff that I've always set aside for making a scrapbook, and I really like the newer designs, with the interchangeable pages, the variety/backgrounds/themes you can buy by the page at craft stores like Michael's, are kept in pretty much binders the same dimensions as a vinyl LP sleeve.  You can take the single page out, work on it at your own pace, and don't have to carry around the whole damn book.  The ones I remember from the 70's/80's were more like generic cardboard-like paper in these enormous and heavy books, and some with a fabric as the book sleeve.  I wouldn't even fuck with scrapbooking if it was still done the "retro way" - the single pages are perfect, and usually keep that page (until it's added to the actual book) in one of my vinyl LP plastic cover sleeves I get for like 20 for a couple dollars at Forever Young Records in Grand Prairie.

All my old stuff like marching band and things like that I'll work on at a later time, WAY too much stuff to round up in boxes, old photo "brag books", programs from contests and concerts and just a lot of exhausting pages to improvise along with.  Since the kitties have only been around 13 years at the most (Athena's age, she was 5 weeks old when I adopted her from a free kittens classfied LOL), THEIR pictures, very first toys/blankets and things like that were easier for me to keep up with and stored away together much better organized than all my much older school-associated stuff.

I'd already finished a page for Chloe and Athena each, a few months ago.  Minnie's very first page (of what will obviously be many more, along with the others), just finished this weekend - a couple baby pictures, the larger pictures were taken more recently.  Bunny Ears.