Monday, June 24, 2013

My '17 Victims of Jeffrey Dahmer' Memorial Video (3 Parts)

I'd originally posted this on the 20th Anniversary of Jeffrey Dahmer's apprehension in July of 2011 (July '91 is when he was finally stopped).  To find out the truth of what really happened, I'd exhausted myself researching and reading about the case over a long period of time and might have even traumatized myself in the process LOL

Eventually I'd like to start a memorial fund so an actual memorial can be finally built in Milwaukee.  A memorial somewhere in that city was promised sometime after Dahmer's possessions were bought by the city instead of auctioned off but disappointingly to this day has never materialized.  

I could care less about Dahmer, I've always been interested in the case itself - the police ignorance and bungling and even ASSISTING in the death of his youngest victim, how he'd managed to elude arrest for so long, and after hearing some of their stories, gotten to know some of the family and friends of the victims.  From 1978 to 1991, to me it's just too unreal to be true and plays out like one of the most horrific stories in American history.