Wednesday, June 26, 2013

TWO Rounds with Maleficent [Kingdom Hearts/KH1]

I've already posted two videos from the sequel, Kingdom Hearts II, but I also liked the original KH too, as I'd played and finished the original first, then KH2 and finally the last PS2 game, KH: RE/Chain of Memories which came out around the time PS2 games were becoming pretty much obsolete.  Goes to show my refusal of evolving with video games: I still have at least 7-10 PS2 games I have either barely played or just haven't yet finished.  From Ghostbusters to the first two Lego Star Wars games, the Clone Wars PS2 game (with Master Luminara as a playable character at some point), need to finish Force Unleashed and a couple older PS1 games I'd picked up over the years too, like the kinda-rare Muppets Racing game, similar to Super Mario Kart.  And until I get the chance to finish those, I'm sticking with PS2 as my most modern platform and plan to keep it that way.

In fact, instead of upgrading to PS3/PS4 or whatever in the future, I STILL buy older, still fun and playable games for the Nintendo and Super NES, as those retro-cartridge platforms seem to be decently popular and it's good to see people enjoying those forgotten 8-bit gems like Kid Niki, the classic Mega Man games, and original Nintendo classics like Balloon Fight and Ice Climber.  I'd much rather play those games, and with many of them on NES back in the day, are 2-player/co-op 2-player games, like Life Force and TMNT: The Arcade Game.

In KH2, I used magic attacks just as much as physical combat with the keyblade - I'd say about 50/50 keyblade/magic.  But in the original KH, I mostly just straight-up beat the brakes off the Disney Villains with the keyblade.  Especially in the case of the back-to-back battles with Maleficent followed by Maleficent in Dragon form.

"Now shall you deal with ME, 'o Prince....."