Saturday, October 19, 2013


I'd bought the Nightmare On Elm Street Parts 4 & 5 novelization from a sales ad in Fangoria magazine sometime in the late 80's, after NOES Part 5/The Dream Child was released.  I know some of the other vintage 80's horror movie novelizations go for quite a bit on eBay (like the Friday The 13th Parts 1-3's paperbacks) - as for the worth of this one, not sure.  It's not worth much at all.  

The book (both movies) reads as if he were writing the story and dialogue while watching the films for the first time.  Writing skills remedial (ending many  paragraphs with a (..........)).  I could have done a better job, even a first grader could have done much better.  Only the most hardcore fans would enjoy this waste of a tree  - see the damn movies themselves, instead!  Especially NOES Parts 1, 3 and 4!

I haven't read this yet, but I think I found this paperback collection of strange and scary stories, called Strangely Enough, in my grandma's dark-ass basement when I was a kid and asked for it because the cover alone was cool.  It was released sometime in the 60's and this is I believe an abridged reprint from 1971.  And I love that groovy psychedelic font on the book spine.  It's a short read, so that might be part of my Halloween activities this year - strangely enough.

While I'm here, LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!