Saturday, October 12, 2013


I haven't seen the Rock In Athens 1985 concert series in so long, I'd forgotten who all performed and which songs were in Culture Club's less than 60 minutes setlist that night.  Half of their biggest hits, the other half were new songs from their then-current/last album.  

If I were a group member, I would have made everyone pack their shit and return to the UK or wherever the hell George, Jon, Mikey and Roy were living at the time.  Unplugged my instrument right then and there mid-song, flipped everyone the bird, then I'm outtie!  The ungrateful "citizens" of Athens were getting a free concert with at least three popular live acts, and repaid the bands by throwing stones at the stage and group members.

This audience of idiots took the lyrics "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?" SERIOUSLY, and you could tell at least Mikey was irritated, playing his bass guitar with his back facing the savage heathens for most of the number.  I well remembered that awkward part of the concert and it's included here, along with "Victims" closing out their undeserved show.  

George was so glassy-eyed and high in heroin la-la-land that his infamous bad attitude didn't come out and at least start hurling the rocks right back at whoever thrown them.  He just HUMORED them, and that's SO unlike George!  I've heard that bitch stop in the middle of a song because somebody out in the audience wouldn't STFU (while he was singing the intro to "Victims", a quiet piano ballad where I guess he needs everyone to be quiet LOL).  

I'll give George credit - in earlier CC concerts from 1982-84, he'd explode onto the stage with all this energy and under those heavy robes, was out of breath by the second or third song.  At THIS particular show, he rarely ran out of breath and was all over the stage.  In what looks like a pilot's jacket, at that!  Heroin's a helluva drug, I GUESS!  KEEP IT, I got a much better vice!  And it ain't drinking, cocaine, meth, acid, crack, molly, pcp, bath salts, none of that synthetic sheeit and I've hated hangovers ever since I turned 21.  Hardly leaves room for any other vice!  ;)

I'll post the rest of the Rock In Athens 1985 show (at least CC's hour onstage, anyway) eventually; towards the end of the show was when it got the most amusing and the first two I encoded together.