Sunday, October 13, 2013


Looked at the Five Below store locator to find the second-nearest 5B and that was the Grand Prairie store, all the way down 360 South and just outside of Arlington.  It was pretty identical to the one in Hurst, TX and an assortment of the same three Star Wars action figure lines (Vintage Collection, Movie Heroes, Phantom Menace 3-D/Discover The Force) - just a few the other store didn't have in stock.

Other than a couple of those weird-ass Japan-made items in their candy area LOL, found the Darth Vader that was reissued in the so-called "Malgus Wave" (includes Darth Malgus, who I'd already gotten in Hurst).  I'm aware that at least three versions of the Original Trilogy Vader had been released in the Vintage Collection line, and the "VC" number on the cardback differentiates each one (this one is "VC93").  For a year or two, I'd already had the Vader from the earlier Empire Strikes Back wave, who I assume is slightly different than this one, and haven't opened either one yet.

Also, want to say thanks to one of my local friends for that cool surprise on Friday - not only a B-Day card with light saber feature and plays the Clone Wars theme, but the Book of Sith, which I'd browsed at once before on Amazon and there was like two or three versions of it that was released.

I took one look and said "I pretty much already know everything what's in this book".  Truth.