Saturday, October 19, 2013


Where I'm from, the only John Waters films I'd ever seen in any local rental stores (small Kentucky town with not much to choose from) were Hair Spray and Serial Mom.  I didn't get to see Waters' more notorious ones with disgusting moments like Pink Flamingos until just recently.  Female Trouble from 1974 is my favorite, with Edith Massey at her most hysterical and ratchet.  I was first turned on to the movie from the reference to one of Divine's infamous scenes in Female Trouble, in the Bronski Beat/Eartha Kitt single "Cha Cha Heels".

I couldn't even find the DVD here locally, so I had to order it from Amazon.  Edith Massey alone made it worth the viewing, Divine is second to her in my book! LOL  Edie and I have about the same vocabulary - a trucker's!  Female Trouble is just over-the-top and at times leaves you bewildered (Edith topless, sitting in front of her vanity mirror), so it's right up my alley!  If I can turn on a new fan to Waters' outrageous films, even better!