Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Had I not been subscribed to the official news channels of several major cities, the story of Detroit teenagers and best friends Jake Kudla and Jourdan Bobbish likely would have went under my radar.  

Within days of being reported as missing, their bodies were found at a dump site, stripped down to just their boxers and shot execution style.  Before that, their car was found in the process of being stripped and washed down with bleach.  After their simultaneous funeral, the story went cold.  It's no secret many if not the majority from the Detroit PD are more of a bumbling pussy than anything else, too skeered to go to certain parts of their city, and assumed the case would never be followed up and no arrests would ever be made.  

This news clip was apparently posted just a few days ago.  

Oh, and I've since CEASED keeping up with the news from all around the country because I can find better ways to piss myself off, other than the incompetence of so-called people of "authority".  The Houston police better breathe a fucking sigh of relief that I wasn't around in the early 70's, when their donut disposals were allowing the young men in their Heights community to be picked off by Dean Corll, one after the other, immediately brushing every one of them off as "runaways".  So many bodies stored in a boat shed, Corll was running out of room and asking about renting a second storage shed and expanding his little operation (being shot by his accomplice Wayne Henley stopped that from happening).  

PS:  WTF is all that about thugs having their male victims strip down to their underwear if not totally nude?  Sounds like these "badass gang members" are on about the same sissy level as the Detroit PD!