Friday, October 18, 2013


With Halloween just 13 days away (this month is flying by WAY too effing fast for me! LOL), I'll be posting several related things until the 31st.  I like (decent) film soundtracks as much as I do the other music I've posted about here, especially the scores from all those campy 80's horror (tame by today's standards) movies I loved and are still perennial favorites to this day.  I like the obscure 80's horror films the most, and here's an audio compilation below that I edited together of highlights from The Slumber Party Massacre's soundtrack from 1982.  

SPM is one of the most hysterical so-called horror movies from the golden era of campy 80's slashers.  It seems to me like the film was already poking fun at itself to begin with, and wasn't filmed like they were trying to be serious actresses/actors, like the casts from the early F13's.  It was like the bad acting was encouraged because all the girls from Trish's high school basketball team at the slumber party looked like they were all just getting stoned and having a fun time.  And then running around the house, garage and yard, screaming here and there.  Unfortunately most of the cast except for a couple from the main cast doesn't want anything to do with Slumber Party Massacre nowadays.  BOO to all them!

I watched the documentary on the SPM series from the 2-disc DVD set with all three Slumber Party films, and learned a little interesting acting trivia from the guy who played Russ Thorn AKA the "driller killer" (Michael Villella).  He said preparing for the locker room scene, he'd studied the movements of a peacock (few steps forward - turn head to the right, repeating as he passes each aisle).  Villella took his role seriously, didn't even talk to the other people on the set until he was in a scene with them, keeping "in character" full-time and spooking the girls from the main cast. 

1982 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK - Compiled by ME!