Sunday, October 13, 2013


Adding some finishing touches to a couple magnets and some smaller wood cutouts for these paper mache picture frames I'd found at Hobby Lobby (I think 4X6, for the standard size prints) and in the process of adding a few coats of glow-in-the-dark paint to those frames.

Like Animal, I can't paint without getting myself vandalized (this time in Halloween colors LOL).  What little I'm working on today is a coat or two of glow-in-the-dark orange and green to a couple larger items and coats of glitter glue to the smaller ones.  I've used the acrylic spray as a finalizer on these before but it looked to me like it took out half of the glitter effect.  With 3-5 light coatings of glitter glue without the spray should still last a few years, if stored in a Ziplock or something.

I have several ready to go that I've worked on these past 3ish months and some of these will just be sent out for next year's Halloween.  It's not unusual to receive something Halloween from me in July, because I get to rushing trying to distribute at the last minute and always miss a couple I'd meant to get out.  Too bad there's not MORE of me to spread around and get things done more efficiently, but we all know that's just asking for armageddon!  A TASER armageddon.

Before I make a grocery run in a couple hours, I suppose I should shower all this off or I'll be getting some funny looks.  At least when I snap my fingers, orange glitter goes flying everywhere, so that's pretty awesome!  But I'll save all those theatrics for 10/31.