Thursday, October 17, 2013


Newspaper clipping, December 1994

Community band was a fun time - members from high school aged to senior citizen.  It was weird enough I was playing the obscure and obsolete alto clarinet, but there were TWO of us - the other one being a senior named Cissy, who'd be bitching back and forth with a clarinet player she'd been in high school band with centuries ago.  Much more laid-back than band during school hours.  

We'd have a concert every few months and this one was at the E-Town Community Center, our Xmas show.  We also had a little more musical freedom than in band class, so for half the show I'd play alto clarinet and the rest, contra-alto (AKA contrabass) clarinet - whichever one I felt was appropriate for each piece.  Exactly how a flute player will sometimes alternate with a piccolo, except the contra-alto is like three times the size of the alto I'm playing in the picture.

Thankfully now with my borderline Karen Carpenter appetite, I've lost over 50 lbs and about 4-5 waist sizes since then! LOL