Sunday, October 13, 2013


Another one of my VHS-digitized transfers, I believe was snail-mailed to me from "David S" from the Supremes clan a few years ago:  The Glass House in 1970 performing "I Can't Be You (You Can't Be Me)" - members are Scherrie Payne (the shorter one of the two girls), Pearl Jones, Ty Hunter and Larry Mitchell.  Only in 1970, those see-thru vinyl outfits are pretty awesome!  I wouldn't wear that in public, but maybe at Studio 54 back then.

The only major hit by Glass House was "Crumbs Off The Table" featuring Scherrie Payne (they all shared leads, but mostly by Hunter and Payne), and "Hey There, Lonely Girl", which was instead just credited to Ty Hunter even though he was still in the group.  The breadwinners of H-D-H's Hot Wax and Invictus labels were obviously Freda Payne (Scherrie's older sister), and the influential girl group Honey Cone, whose music has been sampled over the years (like "Want Ads" sampled on Deee-Lite's "Good Beat").

LOL @ that clueless white guy not knowing who the hell Glass House is!  I'm not surprised, the two aforementioned acts on the two H-D-H labels by far got the most promotion and TV appearances.

Hands down, my favorite cut by The Glass House is "The Fox", which I'd posted a couple months ago here.  It had remained unreleased until H-D-H reissued the Hot Wax/Invictus catalog on CD for the first time in the late 90's and included "The Fox" on The Best Of The Glass House, featuring the majority of their two LP's from the early 70's.

After The Glass House disbanded, Scherrie had been recommended to Mary Wilson, who was looking for a new lead singer to replace Jean Terrell, leaving The Supremes in 1973.