Saturday, October 19, 2013


As a so-called "comedian", I'd rather listen to some slow, compulsive liar of a hypochondriac informing me about all their bullshit "ailments", one problem after another.  The only entertaining thing about his "performance" was the loud girl out in the audience hollering back and forth with him!  I hope nobody had to pay to see this clown!

Secondly, could he make it any MORE obvious there's a closet case from hell on the stage! LOL  People who can't STFU about homosex are the experts at what they're yapping about.  

Tip #1:  Nobody wants to hear about your stupid childhood.

Tip #2:  Lay off the dick talk, ya big Orchid Eater!  Now please kindly go to hell, and take your "comedy routine" with you.