Sunday, October 13, 2013


From that same VHS tape I'd digitized the Glass House clip from in the previous post (thanks David!), a performance by the Honey Cone, featuring Edna Wright - whose lip-sync'ing abilities are on par with a really bad drag queen.  You know, one of them who picks a song for their moment on the stage, and memorized nary a single word of the song, doing that "watermelon, peas and carrots - watermelon, peas and carrots" bullsheeit from start to finish LOL!!

I've read Edna's voice was once compared to Michael Jackson (in his Jackson 5 days), and I noticed the similarity of HC's "Want Ads" to J5's "I Want You Back" - both great singles, IMO.  After the Hot Wax and Invictus labels were retired, Edna recorded one solo LP in 1976/77, Oops! Here I Go Again, and is one of my favorite albums of the 70's, loved every single cut.  

Like Honey Cone's "Want Ads" has been sampled several times over the years, so has the title track of Edna's solo album a few times.  Out of both labels combined, Honey Cone is my #1 favorite act of the bunch, with Freda Payne with a close second place.

Honey Cone performing "One Monkey Don't Stop No Show" on Sonny & Cher's show in 1971.

While I'm posting this VHS clip of Honey Cone now, I had a little fun and thrown this "music video" together for the helluvit:  "Sunday Morning People", from 1970.  And I MIGHT get my own smart ass in trouble for this one.  Fuck 'em!