Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Even though I can appreciate all twelve members of the Jedi High Council from Episode I: The Phantom Menace, I pretty much got this one of the two Council sets from 2003 for Depa Billaba, who's the former Padawan of Samuel L. Jackson AKA Master Mace Windu.  Billaba (played by Dipika O'Neill Joti) is one of the IMO more interesting Jedi, who in the Clone Wars era (in the book Shatterpoint) was sent on a jungle mission (Mace's home) and becomes involved with the ongoing war there.  She's eventually seduced by the Dark Side, goes insane, ripping out the enlightenment jewel from her forehead and just goes totally Linda Blair.  Mace has to confront Depa, the two duel it out, both practitioner's of the same Jedi form, and ultimately knocking his former student into a coma.  Her body was kept on the roof of the Jedi Temple, and if she were to wake up, would face charges of her war crimes.  It's assumed the comatose Billaba was destroyed when Order 66 was issued and the Temple was ambushed by Anakin and the 501st.

Joti only played Depa Billaba in Episode I, and whatever scenes she was included with in Episode II was stock footage.  This is the only figure ever made of the Jedi, you have to buy the set or can find it on eBay as a single loose figure, I'm sure.  I really like the detail, the likeness of Joti is spot-on and the Leia braids aren't bad, either.  Too bad she was never updated in 2012's Vintage Collection!

OH, and the Jedi High Council set 2/2 also includes Masters Yaddle and Yarael Poof!  ACTION figures?  Sitting back in the recliner isn't what I'd really call "action"!