Thursday, October 24, 2013


Smokey Robinson left The Miracles after "Tears Of A Clown" was reissued as a single (a flop the first time around) and became one of the group's biggest hits in 1969.  Like Jean Terrell replaced Diana Ross in The Supremes, in January 1970, Smokey wanted to do his own thing and handpicked new lead singer Billy Griffin, to fill his shoes in the Motown group he co-founded.  

IMO Smokey was good because he was their original singer, but I like Billy's energy and style (maybe because he's younger) a lot better - plus I tend to lean more towards 70's music than the 60's singles Smokey recorded with The Miracles.

The NEW Miracles with Billy Griffin released their first Motown LP in 1973 and their hits started charting well from their next album in 1974, Do It Baby, the title track to their hit single from that LP (and is the single performed in this clip).  Even better, in 1975, The Miracles released their concept album City Of Angels, which is one of my favorites, and is the LP their biggest hit with Billy, "Love Machine", came from.