Monday, October 14, 2013


I don't believe this is a current news clip, had seen it on my YouTube recommendations sidebar (like how I find a lot of this off-the-wall bullsheeit like on The YouTube Twilight Zone! LOL

The random video clip title looked amusing, clicked it, and haven't stopped laughing about this self-incriminating pedo-sissy since!  I wish more men (and women) of his ilk would tattle-tail on their own selves like this dummy here.  Put themselves outta operation, drawing the attention of the 5-0 to themselves, by being such a busybody and instigator.  

I've noticed that same crap with my own eyes, from a few under-the-radar and unchecked people involved in the same kinda illegal and immoral activities.  By drawing attention to other people's personal business (most if not everything fabricated) to detract any kind of suspicion that they could possibly be on their target's "level" or worse.  Which they are.  And 10 times outta 10, the object of their stalkery is doing nothing more than minding their own business and has a life, and better things to do than peasant activities.  

When in reality, miles lower than whoever they're instigating negative things and harassment towards.  Or as I say "MILLIONS of miles below the bottom of the barrel"!  When you're around idiot small town busybody people, you quickly learn their motto is "I know more about what goes on in YOUR own bedroom than you will EVER know what goes on in your own bedroom!".  Yeah, they vermins allright.

Enough about those inbreds, prepare for 
THE Most Moronic Pedophile In The Universe........