Thursday, June 11, 2015


AKA Count Dooku AKA Darth Tyranus.

And I'd just watched (again) Tim Burton's version of Willy Wonka the other night!  I'm not one to give much of a eulogy, especially in the case of Lee because he left behind such a big legacy in horror films and other movies that it's like his Force spirit will always be around and will never be forgotten.

One of the most underrated of the Sith Lords because of his human appearance, his light saber fighting style in film and animated on The Clone Wars would best be described as "elegant" along with some great one-liners.  And the first to introduce the curved light saber hilt.

But he still kinda pissed me off throwing all of Willy Wonka's Halloween candy in the fireplace.  GRINCH! ;)

R.I.P. Tyranus.