Tuesday, March 1, 2016


I fucking love the reaction of an Asian woman when something shocks or upsets her - like that Japanese woman a couple years ago missing her flight, going all hysterical at the airport and falling on the ground, shrieking and kicking like a spoiled 5-year old.  

The same kinda reaction from an Asian lady repeats itself when not one but TWO of them wanted to take some pictures (another Asian stereotype) up close and personal with this elephant.  Before they can even think of snapping a selfie, the Elephant said "I'm not having it!", and with its trunk, snatched the cell phone from one of them and commenced to chowing down like it was handed the biggest peanut ever.  

Naturally these two Asian ladies goes from sounding all engrossed with the elephant like two lesbians whale-watching, to damn near hysterics.  Bitches calm down, it's NOT the rape of Nanking or something like that!  You'll get it back later.

And they did.